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Bourbon Selection

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Signature Cocktails

  • The Fat Jack ($5.00) - This local favorite is a blend of strawberry & orange vodkas, orange and cranberry juices with a splash of lemon-lime soda. 

  • The Fat Eddy ($5.00) - A mix of Deep Eddy grapefruit vodka with lemon-lime soda, garnished with a cucumber slice. 

  • The Hurricane ($5.00) - Made our own way with orange and citrus rum, orange & cranberry juice. 

  • The Tsunami ($5.00) - Our latest creation of strawberry rum, tropical schnapps and lemon-lime soda. 

  • Typhoon ($5.00) - A mix of strawberry and banana rum with orange, cranberry and pineapple juice. 

  • JoMama Bloody Mary ($6.50) - Titos Vodka with a special house made mix of over 30 ingredients.  Served with bacon, shrimp, olive and pickle.  

  • Mojitos ($5.50) - We are proud to offer this fantastic cocktail in 5 flavors.  Classic Mint, Cucumber, Strawberry, Coconut and Pineapple. 

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